Zöld Kör

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Summer camp

Our association regularly organises multiple camps over the summer period. At the camping site in Bodrogolaszi, we usually organise nature conservation camps, a camp for learning about medicinal plants, a fishing camp and a creative camp, while we organise volunteer camps to Hortobágy and Bodaszőlő, in the spirit of nature conservation.

In our nature conservation-themed volunteer camps, the enthusiastic youth carry out practical tasks in the form of renovating hiking routes, controlling invasive weeds, preparing artificial bird dens, or establishing nature study paths.

In our creative camps, campers will learn how to paint pottery, weave baskets, create picture frames, macramé, and make bags on weaving looms. They may also get an insight into the mysterious world of tie-dyeing.

In the course of our medicinal plant-camps, those interested can get to know the medicinal plants located around us, the tinctures, creams and teas that can be made out of them, as well as the medicinal effects of these plants