Zöld Kör

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We have presented the fantastic landscape of Böszörmény and the marvellous flora and fauna of the sand slopes of Dorog to tourists arriving from many European countries, as well as from China. Realising this, we strive to incorporate opportunities putting our natural values in focus into the range of touristic possibilities offered by the region.

Our “classic” activities launched in 2001 include the organisation of half-day and full-day bird observation tours in Hortobágy. During such tours, those interested can explore the areas of the Hortobágy National Park open for the public, as well as the side areas that are particularly rich in bird species. By developing the possibilities of our attraction, primarily targeted to families and smaller groups arriving to Debrecen or Hajdúszoboszló, today we have a well-functioning and programme-centred eco-touristic product. During our off-road tours, we offer the presentation of at least one steppe and one water habitat for small groups.

You can learn more about our water-tourism offers at the Bodrog river on the www.bodrogtura.hu website. The essence of this is that we undertake to paddle through the entire, or when requested, the Hungarian section of the river in the framework of two or three day canoe tours via single-centre tours (with our water tour base located in Bodrogolaszi being in the centre) or wild camping tours. For this, in 2010 we published several touristic materials, including a water tour map of the Bodrog river. For the purpose of invigorating the touristic, and, primarily, the water touristic aspects of the Bodrog region, we aim to cooperate with the municipalities and touristic service providers of the region.

We also regularly organise one-day or several-day hiking programmes (not as a touristic service but as entertainment for ourselves and our members). Our motto for this is: “On foot is good!” The positive health effects of hiking hardly need any demonstration, since it is also placed on the top of the list of healthiest sports, right next to swimming, based on research by the WHO. It is a perfect opportunity for complete recreation, due to its positive impacts both on our bodies and minds. Anyone who ever gets the taste and atmosphere of it will hardly be able to give it up. Since its foundation our association considered the promotion of hiking important, therefore we organise many active outdoor programmes for those interested in walking in nature.

In the field of classic hiking, our aim is to organise annual tours to the woods near our city. Moreover, we also organise bus trips on some occasions during the year, primarily visiting different locations in the North Hungarian Mountains and the Apuseni Mountains in Transylvania. In the past few years we have visited the Zemplén, Mátra and Bükk mountains, Aggtelek Karst, and the Cserhát mountain on several occasions. Out of our targets in Romania, the most popular tours are those organised to the Pădurea Craiului Mountains and the Bihar mountains.

We also regularly organise group travel for those looking for greater challenges, and discounted applications for long-distance hiking competitions both within and outside of the country. Members of our association have participated in several hundred locations of Hungarian long-distance hikes and hiked at some of these places on several occasions. To highlight a few of these: Mátra Bérc, Téli Mátra, Zemplén 50, Kinizsi 100.