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Community activities

We implemented (and are implementing) several projects with the aim of strengthening community involvement, for the purpose of promoting volunteering and charitable work, and to reinforce civil society. These programmes primarily help to restore regional and societal balance through the social and economic activisation of young people, families, the elderly, and pensioners within small community boundaries - through enhancing their community involvement through charitable volunteering activities and cooperation between generations.

Our volunteer base is growing year after year, and many high school students also choose to spend their mandatory community service with us. They are happy to take part in outdoor nature conservation programmes, in implementing summer camps, as well as in the realisation of eco-playhouses and other playful awareness-raising events held at schools and kindergartens.

Environmental protection and nature conservation actions also regularly attract large-scale interest in the community, and those interested are happy to join the programmes. These include tree planting actions, the European Waste Reduction Week organised in autumn every year, the Teszedd (You Pick) waste-picking programme, the synchronous counting of wintering long-eared owl, unified action for climate protection by planting native fruit trees, and supporting local producers and local foodstuffs.

Our association embraces and supports all community activities with the purpose of fighting for a more liveable environment, a greener future, nature conservation, achealthy and environmentally conscious way of living, and fighting against climate change.