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We are looking for environmental educators and animators to lead thematic sessions!

We are looking for environmental educators and animators for awareness-raising sessions on the topic of waste management, to be held in kindergartens and schools on an ad-hoc basis (we would like to offer this opportunity primarily to college and university students). The applicant must have at least the following skills and qualities: good communication skills and pedagogical sense, commitment to environmental protection and sustainability, and a sufficient amount of free time. Applicants will get a bonus if they have a diploma or ongoing studies in the field of environmental protection, if they have experience in similar activities, or if they have a category B driving licence (and their own car).



Volunteers welcome!

As of October 2012, the office of Zöld Kör is not only functioning as an environmental consultancy office, but also as the Volunteer Point of the Region of Hajdúság. If you are interested in volunteering, if you would like to stand for a good cause, expand your knowledge, obtain work experience, or simply spend your free time in a useful manner, apply to be a volunteer! As volunteers, you can participate in nature conservation programmes (e.g. botanical and zoological surveys, bird protection programmes, planting trees, waste picking and water tours), and awareness-raising programmes on the topic of environmental protection (e.g. eco-playhouse local events, holding lectures and sessions).