Zöld Kör

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Management of the organisation


molnar antal
Antal Molnár, President
I am the founder of the organisation. I got my degree at the social politics faculty of the University of Debrecen, and then a certificate in the field of land development. As a full-time employee of the association I am in charge of programmes related to rural and development, tourism, and nature conservation. In my free time I enjoy hiking and nature photography. 


tatar antal
Antal Tatár, Vice President
I teach history at the Széchenyi István Agricultural and Food Industry Vocational Training School and Dormitory, and I also work as a supervising teacher at the dormitory. I primarily help Zöld Kör in activities enhancing community and social involvement, and by leading tours (walking tours, bicycle tours and water tours).


horvath tibor
Tibor Horváth, Member of the Board
I work at Hortobágy National Park as a conservation ranger. I assist Zöld Kör in its activities related to nature conservation, by providing professional advice. I also actively participate in the practical implementation of their nature conservation programmes.


kathi imre
Imre Kathi, Member of the Board
I joined the association in 1995, through the civil service. I participated in several energy efficiency projects and the Elég (Enough) campaign (“Kő csövön nem marad” project). Since these projects I have continued to cooperate in solving energy-related and technical tasks, and answering questions arising as an external consultant to the association.


santha krisztian
Krisztián Sánta, Member of the Board
I am a 37-year-old agricultural engineer specialised in environmental management. I have a C1 level language exam in English, and I have been working in the field of waste management for 10 years. I assist Zöld Kör in the field of waste management.


csoka imre
Imre Csóka, Member of the Board
As a certified beekeeper and local farmer in Hajdúböszörmény, I participate in several programmes of Zöld Kör that aim to promote healthy food and food from local producers.


dr. deseo emil
Dr. Emil Deseő, Honorary President
I was born in 1926 and am a retired otolaryngologist. I joined the association in 1994, as a locally elected representative at the time, and then became the vice president of Zöld Kör.