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International relations

In the framework of our foreign relations, we primarily keep contact with the European member organisations of the Friends of the Earth umbrella organisation. Our cooperation manifests in common campaigns and exchange visits, as well as meetups for exchanging experience. Along another line of our international cooperation, we typically organise programmes implemented along the border and in the Carpathian Basin. Our projects focusing on the border regions include preparing and implementing tourism-related and nature conservation projects along the Hungarian-Slovak border, on the water collection area of the Bodrog river with the BENCE organisation headquartered in Szomotor, and with the Nagymihály office of the BirdLife Slovensko organisation headquartered in Bratislava. As regards our Ukrainian relations, we had common initiatives with several organisations headquartered in Beregszász in Kárpátalja in the field of environment protection and environmental education. Last but not least, in the Hungarian-Romanian context, which is the most intensive geographical area of our activities focusing on the border region, quite a number of nature conservation, environmental protection and awareness raising projects have been implemented in the past two decades with the help of several other organisations, out of which the following two organisations from Oradea were our most important partners: ECOTOP and APS Aqua Crisius. In addition, we also implemented (and are expected to implement in the future) numerous exchange programmes with green organisations from Transylvania.