Zöld Kör

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marosan angela
Angéla Marosán, Head of Office, Administrator
angela[at]zoldkor.net, 00 36 (20) 495-2982
I received a diploma in landscape protection and environmental geography, and I joined Zöld Kör in the autumn of 2006. At the beginning I functioned primarily as an environmental consultant, and I also actively participated in the climate protection and waste management programme of the association. As the years passed, administering tenders more often became my duty, and I also performed other administrative and partially financial tasks for the association. In my free time I do a lot of hiking, primarily in the Zemplén mountain.


varga daniel
Dániel Varga, Graphic Designer
daniel.varga1120[at]gmail.com, 00 36 (30) 286-2890
I completed my studies in graphic design at Medgyessy Ferenc Secondary School and Vocational Secondary School in Debrecen. I have been a sole proprietor since October 2017, in the field of graphic design. I have been working at Zöld Kör since March 2018 as a graphic designer. My tasks include creating graphic designs, creating, reproducing and implementing illustrations, keeping contact with printing houses, taking aerial shots with drones, as well as multimedia tasks.


serban zsuzsanna
Zsuzsanna Serbán, Environmental Educator
zsuzsi.zoldkor[at]gmail.com, 00 36 (20) 437-3500
I received my Bachelor of Science degree in Biology at the University of Debrecen. I have an advanced language proficiency in English, the respective language certificate, and a category B driving licence. Since August 2018 I have been participating in the planning and implementation of the environmental educational programmes of our association. In cooperation with different educational institutions, I work primarily on awareness-raising projects for youth, while also striving to expand my knowledge in the field of environmental protection.


szabo tunde
Tünde Szabó, Environmental Educator, Nature Conservation Programme Manager
tunde.zoldkor[at]gmail.com, 00 36 (20) 350-8960
I graduated in 2005 as an environmental protection technician, and also in 2008 as a nature conservation engineer at the University of Debrecen. I have been working at Zöld Kör since 2018, as an environmental educator and nature conservation programme manager. My nature conservation tasks include programmes for monitoring birds of prey, day-flying moths and dragonflies, projects for the protection of dormice, carrying out walks and presentations in the spirit of getting to know our natural environment, work plans for the protection of LIFE species and natural habitat, as well as implementing EU and Interreg programmes.

 uring the summer of 2019. My activities include environmental education and awareness-raising, and I would like as many adults and children as possible to learn an environmentally conscious way of life.